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These manuals contain specifications, parts lists and instructions.The manuals can also be used to help identify those carburetors without tags.

Carter WCFB Carburetor Manual

Application Carburetor Number
Buick Roadmaster Model 70 1952 894s, 894sa
Cadillac Eight 1952 896s
Oldsmobile 8 Super 88, 98 1952 932s
Buick V8 Roadmaster 70 1953 996s, 2053s
Cadillac Twin Turbine 1953 2119s, 2119sa, 2088s
Cadillac 8 1953 2005s, 2005sa, 2072s
Oldsmobile 8 88, 98 1953 2016s, 2080s
Packard Eight Models 300 and Patrician 400 1953 985s
Buick V-8 Century Model 60, Roadmaster Model 70, Skylark Model 100 1954 2082s
Chrysler 1954 2041s
Oldsmobile Super 88, 98 1954 2059s
1956-1957 Plymouth 2302s, 2302sa, 2302sb, 2725s

1955 Cadillac Idle Air Mixture Circuit
WCFB Carburetor Cutting Out on Left Hand Turn
1956 Chevrolet Corvette & Super Power Kit Engine Idle Speed, Idle
Mixture and Throttle Linkage Adjustment Procedure.

WCFB Carburetor Identification

Keep in mind that any air horn could have been used on multiple carburetor numbers. Use this as just another hint.
Air Horn Number Carburetor
6-797s 894s
6-801s 896s
6-805s 932s
6-855s 996s
6-866s 2016s
6-871s 2005s, 2072s, 2119s, 2088s
6-891s 2059s, 2246s
6-897s 2053s
6-916s 2080s
6-932s 2041s, 2191s
6-946s 985s
6-951s 2109s, 2110s
6-973s 2143s
6-1001s 2181s, 2253s
6-1004s casting #6-1127 – 2214s,
2219s, 2224s
6-1012s casting #6-972 – 2220s
6-1015s 2185s, 2186s, 2255s, 2266s,
6-1018s 2232s, 2284s
6-1022s 2126s, 2210s
6-1038s casting #6-1037 – 2265s
6-1042s 2268s
6-1044s 2197s
6-1129s casting #6-1127 – 2214s, 2219s
6-1052s 2283s
6-1071s casting #6-1020 – 2302s
6-1099s casting #6-1020 – 2303s
6-1118s casting #6-1117 – 2303s
6-1121s casting #6-1117 – 2302s
6-1172s casting #6-1147 – 2302s
6-1173s casting #6-1147 – 2303s
6-1174s casting #6-1147 – 2303s
6-1083s casting #6-1020 – 2311s
6-1185s casting #6-1157 – 2214s, 2219s
6-1188s casting #6-1160 – 2220s,
2224s, 2265s
Casting Number Carburetor Number Application
1002 2224s Studebaker
1020 2302s, 2303s Plymouth
1063 2059s Oldsmobile
1101 2088s, 2109s Cadillac
1117 2302s, 2303s Plymouth
1147 2302s, 2303s Plymouth
1157 2224s Studebaker
1135 2110s, 2143s Cadillac
Carter WCFB Vacuum Piston

Carter WCFB

It isn’t unusual for the vacuum piston on the WCFB to become frozen in the cylinder where it resides. Be careful when removing the top of the carburetor that you don’t force things and break the piston lever. When the piston is frozen you may have to drill a small hole in the bottom of the float bowl, just under the piston and hammer it out. Use a brass drift punch. The piston is brass and can be damaged very easily. Once you get the piston out, clean, Carter WCFB Vacuum Piston the cylinder so that the piston move very free up and down. We use a small bottle type of brush and spray silicon spray into the cylinder while we clean. The vacuum piston is no longer produced and can only be found as a NOS piece, or used. You may even have to resort to finding a used WCFB carburetor.

22 thoughts on “Carter WCFB Carburetor

  1. I have a 1953 Hudson Super Jet. The carb on it has WA-1 on the side. Once removed, the bottom is stamped 972 on one side with the S on the other side (Sides being the bolt holes). Is this such a carburetor? If so, what did it come off of. Hudson never used those casting numbers that I can find. Thank you for any help.

    • The WA-1 had a tag attached to the top of the carburetor. Without the tag there is no way of knowing what the carburetor number is, or what it fits.

  2. I am looking to replace the hot air choke on the wcfb which is on a Buick Century 1956.I want to use a manual choke and not an electric conversion.Do you have the kit to mount to the carb body?.I already have the cable ready to go.
    Many thanks.

    Aidan Cullen.

  3. as for as I know the correct manifold for a 1956 chev with 2×4 is 3731394 I seen one for sale number Manifold # 3739653 I believe it your with two carbs. What is the difference between the two number what is 3739653 (for what car). I m looking for the complete set up

  4. I have two 2317S WCFB carbs on a Chrysler 354 hemi.These would have been from a first series 300. Were both identical, choke and all? I only have the choke guts in one carb and there is no place to mount the coil in the housing. If only one has a choke, I imagine it would be the primary…rear…correct?

  5. I looking for a accelerator pump for a 55 chev belair 265 v8 4bbl wcfb. Top plate number is 6-1098.
    I bought a kit that had a pump requiring a spring and clip on the pump which did not work.
    The pump I need is a solid shaft, 2 inches long with a 5/8 leather cup.
    If the pump in your rebuild kit # 632 meets these dimensions, I will order that kit unless you have a pump by itself that meets the above dimensions.

    • I’m afraid individual pumps of that size are not available. There are some I just cannot buy outside of the kits. The kit 632 does meet your criteria.

      Don’t forget to enter your picture in our contest and win $100.

  6. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a secondary Vacuum diaphragm for my Carter WCFB 4 BBL which is on my 56 mercury?

    I am in Australia and its impossible to find here?

  7. I’m looking for a Primary shaft with throttle lever for a WCFB 1-1579.
    If not just the shaft, what about the complete case base? (WCFB 1-1579)

  8. I have 2 1955 Chevy WCFBs. One has a 1020 top and the other an 1147. Are those both Plymouth tops? Do you have any idea what a 1274 top belongs on?


    • I’m not sure which plugs you are referring to but if it’s the cleanout plugs, or expansion plugs, then they will need to be removed and replaced (if you have any), and/or J.B. weld applied to them.

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